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The Transmission Of Information

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In our society, we have eliminated the myths and magical thinking but pataneria has developed as a mark of identity, blind credulity. One of the hallmarks of the pataneria is credulity, ie by the ability to truthfully all information transmitted by any means without a critique, analysis, reasoning whatsoever. This implies a fundamental fact: the company is structured to bow to the stupidity and actions and decisions are taken in the field of political organizations and contemplating that scenario. This populism has risen to standard expressions such as the customer is always right, or assertions as everyone knows. It is a slogan idea of the type or sustainable tourism sustainable economy without anyone define its scope, or states with demagoguery that public money is used for social purposes to pay unemployment if the worker has been quoted and paid in advance for this possible contingency occurrence, and likewise we do with pensions, as if the payment thereof is not the fruit of many years of work and instead was due to the sensitivity of progressive politicians. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from everest capital. The stupidity is incomprehensible and encompasses all spheres of life: they buy goods compulsively without unrelated to the needs and contrary to expert opinion, is required under far beyond the means of payment to the physician is hinted suffering and disease that the drugs should be prescribed, or you become the king of the rights and privileges in the whole world being born in any territory under the condition of exercising the vote for a political candidate.


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