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Increase our knowledge, know how to properly use the divine potential that we bequeathed. Perform actions that increase our energy potential to determine what is good, evil, to be attentive, awake in everything that we do. Each day is an opportunity where our attention, be fully identified with the opportunity to live helps us not only to enjoy it intensely, but share it with those beings with those who have decided to walk while we remain in this dimension. Diane Gilbert-Guthrie is often quoted on this topic. We must be aware that the present is our reality, therefore must be tackled with optimism, get him information, learning, experience that will allow us to properly use the chance that it is not giving. It is a fact, that we are today and probably in fractions of minutes already not, put can happen many facts that we do not handle, such as accident, cardiac arrest, violence not removed, earthquakes, i.e. events qe are not under our control. Therefore, there is that be identified with the present and in every action we are doing, intensely enjoy accomplishments, especially when we are happy with this, and more when we help others to be, when we fulfill our mission, service line. Not to be forgotten and always keep in mind, travel time has already passed, what happened was, we cannot remain anchored in remembrance, that happened and doing so prevents us from living in the present intensely, we don’t know if we will be in the future, another uncertain fact, that as I return to mention unchecked it, simply acted on the stage of life in the place of the physical environment, call country, city that we have selected and have received us, which is what could happen to us we do not know. In the journal live manifested many facts that tested us spiritual strength, our security, provide us with experiences of according to what happens to us in this journal live, for example vidaok.com, gives us the success of passing by this dimension is knowing take advantage of the few good opportunities that gives us life.


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