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The Soviet Union

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The commander of its only Armor Regiment Lt. Sidobras lived in hostilities were tankers a week, and Lieutenant Pechura came for six months as an intern. Both came to the indescribable delight of their owners arranged the show tanks at the landfill. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Chabon, another great source of information. A week later, the regiment visited more one Lithuanian – Lithuanian military attache, Colonel Skuchas. Thank you for the hospitality extended to the Lithuanian officers who drank a cup of tea and invited the Red commanders to his dinner, the better hotel.

“He’s fine, no any accent, speaking in Russian, not what Sidobras. He was a tall, broad-shouldered, quite handsome, with aristocratic manners dark, not like his officers, villagers “- so described Skuchasa Ilya Dubinsky. Over dinner attache order surprised the Red commanders, when suddenly announced that Kiev and Chuguyev – his native place. It turns out that a Lithuanian at the time he graduated from military school Chuguyivske. Once you are there in many years, he wanted to see where passed his cadet years. Impressions from the trip, Colonel laid for dinner: – Chuhuiv – Oh my God! – Our glorious Chuhuiv – he did not know! Houses of retired military officers, where we lived, collapsed.

College ingrained itself into the ground, and the park, Elegant park, which is connected so many memories, almost all cut down, destroyed Lieutenant Pechura remaining on probation in the regiment, showed himself perfectly. And even been awarded for academic success. After Lithuania’s accession to The Soviet Union, former lieutenant left the army, and held major posts in the Ministry of Culture of the Lithuanian ssr. Colonel Sidobras served in the Red Army. A former military attache Kazimierz Skuchas, who met the arrival of Soviet troops in the rank of Brigadier-General and Minister of Interior of Lithuania, at the request of the Molotov was arrested, taken to the Soviet Union and in July 1941 shot on fictional espionage and counter-revolutionary terrorist activities. In March 1992 – rehabilitated. By the way, Skuchas – not only from graduates Chuguevsky School, who served as minister. The theme of the other pets’ Nest Eagles, who subsequently became prominent public figures, We still look at.


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