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In room place, the scientists, as well as the intellectuals in general, they tend to tie to its social vision of world where if to its form distributes the cultural universe of a definitive time concrete in compliance with to produce and to reproduce its conditions of existence, what it means to say, to the ideology of the group, which is inserted. These reasons, narrowly correlated between itself, distinguishing science from the Nature of the science of the man. They make with that the theoretical models of Mostern are not supported. To want to apply to the domain of the culture the pretense model of scientific-natural objetividade happens of an illusion or a meaconing. The objetividade institucional of Popper it is a variety of this. Learn more on the subject from IDT Energy. In transcorrer of its book, Mostern does not assume officially any chain of thought. Not obstante, it is used of John Dewey to support its argument. He remembers that, in 1938, this American thinker if opposed to the Relativismo appealing to the nature common human being and the necessities derived from it, that cultures can satisfy that another one better. What it distinguished Dewey was not the completeness with that it accepted the theory of the evolution. For it, the mind, in the same way that the body, is an evolved agency leaving of estimated darwinianos: ' ' When Decartes said, ' The nature of the physical things is much more easily conceived when they are contemplated acquiring existence gradually of what when is considered only as produced of one alone time in a finished state and perfeito' the world modern became conscientious of the logic that from there for would control ahead it, logic of which ' ' Origin of the Espcies' ' , of Darwin, it is the most recent scientific product When Darwin said of


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