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and what says the people thereon?Do not say anything, was the answer. Only laugh. you think that your ego is something valuable? People just laugh at him. Jeffrey Walsh often addresses the matter in his writings. Except you, everyone is against your ego. Except you, everyone knows how ridiculous that is; your ego, I’m not talking of their egos. What is the ego? It is a very ridiculous point of view. Ego says: I am the center of the universe.

Ego says: the universe exists thanks to me. Points of view ridiculous!. Only a little light is required. You’re not the center of the universe; because the world was there when you do not existias, and the world will continue to exist when you’re not there. You can’t be the Center. You’re not the Center man do nothing but say I do.

Why? Because it disorients a lot feel that you’re not the center of the world, that you’re not the purpose nor the purpose of the world that everyone has not been waiting you; that without you the world can exist. It disorients much. If you feel this, you feel shaken; as if had removed you the land of feet and you were hung in a bottomless abyss.Ego gives you a rock that hold you, but the rock is imaginary, is nothing more than a dream. The ego is a statement that: I’m separated from each other, separate trees, separate I am the sky, separated from the sea, separated from the others. But are you him? You are truly separated from others? You are joined to the others in millions of ways.You’re attached to your mother and your father, and your father is attached to his father and his mother, etc. It is an infinite chain. You’re attached to the air every time. If you do not breathe you will die. You are attached to the Sun’s rays; If the Sun forgets simply leave one morning, we die in ten minutes.


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