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What tips do I have to give? Depends on the cruise that you make the hit will be included in the ticket price, will be optional, or will not be accepted. In the event that they are voluntary aboard will indicate the most appropriate quantity. Day route nightly program will receive the program of the next day that gathers the activities that will be aboard, the excursions of the day and the more proper attire in his cabin. Take it with you at all times and all outputs of the boat schedules will be collected in the program it is recommended. What clothes I have to use? The programme of the day will mark more appropriate clothing for every moment. During excursions we recommend comfortable clothing and footwear. In less formal evenings men wear shirts and women with dresses or pant suits and pants (not necessarily of label).

Tag is required in the formal nights as the gala dinner, women dress suits night or party and men Tuxedo or tuxedos. How to book the excursions? You can request the programme of excursions when booking your cruise, since tends to be prepared in advance or inform your arrival on board. In general, excursions tend to be contracted aboard, except some special that must be reserved before boarding. Usually the price of the excursion includes transport, guide in port (in the available languages) and the necessary tickets/Tickets (meals and drinks are included only when prompted). Some excursions have limited places and others require a minimum number of participants to be made.

Can I book a single cabin? If you travel alone, you can book an individual cabin whose cost ranges between 80% and 100% depending on the category. There are doctors on board? A. Board will find a team of doctors and nurses / os at your disposal. If you use this service you will need to pay the cost in the boat. Can I contact with the outside world? There are several ways of contact with the outside (depends on the ship): through mobile phone, 24 hours a day, for GSM signal. Satellite connection: it is possible to call from the cabin by satellite connection. Via the internet. Vayacruceros company dedicated to the sale of cruises around the Mediterranean.


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