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The Palestinians

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And we put that effort also aware of years of partnership with a versatile search and bellicose language, notions and assimilated by all as the normal existence of completely militarized societies, armies equipped with the people or of God, moving its troops through operational preventive war (war or preventive attack), fighting terrorism, drug trafficking, communism and global anti-democratic dictatorships and, of course, that effort brings the proposal to accept the kind that the world is a providential militocracia governed by the hosts, armies of people God’s armies, armies of the people of God, divine army, army of peace. Yes, armies for peace (do not call it that the UN blue helmets?). “Israel has potentially conflicting relationships with at least 50 countries worldwide” A world where all the non-aligned with the center of ruling power, divine certified outer roots, as we may not have the desired weapons even for self-defense . On this context, for those who dare to break the established poderil use (and assemble on your own), take particular military significance the concept of war or attack “preventive” and was also deployed its wings notions But countries “rogue” or “outlaws”, sanctions, closure to the knowledge that leads to the development of nuclear capabilities or other leverage. Neither more nor less than in the past, when knowledge and ignorance in some other made up of the most powerful weapon. Only the power displays of power. The Palestinians will throw stones at an army of the best armed in the world.


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