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Lack of photography in general cause for concern. Martin O’Malley contributes greatly to this topic. The man does not want to "shine", does not want to be recognized. Question – why? Need "stealth"? 3.2. "Hides zhenatiki", the questionnaire did not indicate that married to catch a bigger catch. Not every woman will get in touch with a married man, but in this case, the chances of online dating and its sequel more. Reason for joining online dating is the same as that of the previous subtype – the monotony of life, boring sex with wife the need for adrenaline and emotion. "Hidden zhenatikov" on the Internet is difficult to recognize, they disguise themselves as single and available men. 4.Inostrantsy This type is widespread today and is recognized immediately.

To foreigners include a large army of Turkish, Caucasian, African, Indian men, etc. Sorry, not all named. This type of familiarity begins with the standard phrases such as Privet krasavitsa! Kak dela? . Write such a man in broken Russian, with errors, which is called "plagues we do not know", or on transliteration. This is either male visitors who are temporarily in this country, or men who are at home and invite you to their home and promise you "Unearthly love". It is not necessary to believe this type of men, they tend to need one – to have fun with you. 5. Unlucky 5.1 "unlucky" – basically, it's young people after 25, is closer to 30 or more who have previously attempted to build a serious relationship, but for some reason they have failed.


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