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Also, few have deposited their own email address in the address book for active-filling. Forwarding”works with the standard newsletter is especially true when there is an incentive. Here it must consider. On the one hand creates interaction, on the other hand, the Declaration of the incentives takes time space and enter of the recipient’s address. Representative experience values are not currently yet, this can only mean to try themselves as learning field with a corresponding creative.

“Login the login box on the Web page or about multipliers in this context rather at the end listed, because the absolute majority their mail only” forwards on your mobile. This is, unless he has made programming side homework for a correct representation of the advertiser. Because at the moment it is still open whether a specific mobile Newsletterversion commercial success would represent. Furthermore all legal aspects apply of course fully and independently of the reception device. Get more background information with materials from Dave DeFries. Landing pages for specific mobile Newsletterversionen the same applies to landing pages basically.

A question of objective and also the budget is beneficial, but eventually an adjustment in terms of construction and design, as well as a substantive treatment. The essentials on the topic of landing pages in four points: Reader expectations: the mobile landing page has everything to offer, what awaits the visitor due to the newsletter. From there turn on a sub page to jump, will not work. Between reduction and verbosity is again smaller than normal landing pages with mobile landing pages. Clear calls to action: more clicks make only sense requires, then it is important to place a phone number or an email address prominently. Ask for action. The telephone number and the E-Mail address can be controlled but directly from the mobile phone. So it increases the interaction. Representative analyses repeatedly show that contact and imprint are the pages with the most clicks.


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