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The amount of information in society is rapidly increasing. A on what path is a global system of education? In the early 20 th century for the people parish school had three class, then 8 classes 10 classes and then later 11 years as presently studying a proposal to lengthen overwhelmed in school up to twelve years and dlinshe. If you look at a modern educational system, it originated in 19 century and after that not much has changed, only lengthened the educational period. Plainly aware of the knowledge the student for the most part can not, he just learns some things, but can not add up the full picture. Students learn to prepare real, seldom explaining why so, and most importantly not giving evidence in practice, so it really is. To deepen your understanding Yehoshua November is the source. This so-called coding pedagogy, where students from the required memorize the ultimate truth and to think of it is not required.

But technology is constantly changing and in modern life just would win the man who does not believe in authority, can think independently and continually review its system of stereotypes. You may find author to be a useful source of information. Just this modern system of education does not uchit.Po my opinion in the education system must move from factual to the methodology of pedagogy. Where student learns self-study, self-learn new skills and to link them together into a kind of mosaic. Since the outside of the school, he finds himself in an entirely different changing world, which already Nobody needs to take exams, three days before which have mechanically memorize entire notebook useless information, listen to lectures, too, will not have, and will only be available to book online and other great amount of information in which you want to be able to navigate. The current system of education was relevant in pozoproshlom century when a man in a school or university were given once knowledge and then it all his life could fruitfully work.

Therefore, all teachers in our time to notice that students today have gone the other. At the lecture, or do not go to sleep on them, wrote to the senior years is not greater than the fourth part. Gain knowledge in the form in which we teachers give them to them no wonder, since they do not believe that they are, they will require in the future, and they are largely correct. So that the law of time is objective and works, and it is also valid for the elite and for students and for those people who now can not fit into social life and prefer to burn their lives in the trash.


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