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The Expansion Of Wind Power On Land

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between optimism and the troubles of the level. (As opposed to Bernie Sanders). BWE Conference wind energy project planning planning, repowering, and wind in the forest. It is not only pulses, but substantial expansion plans for wind energy on land: the various edicts of wind energy and land development plans, whether in Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Brandenburg. Thus produced setting out in the wind energy project planning must be implemented in practice in the municipal planning a lengthy are often, difficult process. Because actors of regional planning must acquire not only a specific expertise in the ways of the wind priority areas, they will face even legal loopholes or derogations, a high time pressure and lack role models.

Here the federal countries initiative comes to meet them, which discussed height limits and distances, are further positive examples to the designation of new suitability and priority areas as well as put together measures to facilitate the repowering. Wind energy is so planning on the regional will be much easier. The development of spatial planning is indeed the key to the expansion of wind power on land. Should this succeed, 2020 45,000 MW could be according to the BWE year performance by onshore wind turbines installed. “In cooperation with the repowering InfoBorse Bundesverband WindEnergie takes these important issues in the Symposium wind energy project planning planning, repowering, and wind in the forest” on 16-17 October 2012 in Hamburg. Current lease models, recommendations for Repoweringvorhaben and profitability calculations for wind in the forest projects are presented by experienced experts and discussed. Symposium wind energy project planning planning, repowering, and wind in the forest date: 16-17 October 2012 venue: Hamburg the Bundesverband WindEnergie regular networking and educational forums on current topics of wind energy performs. Information about the registration and the complete event program of the BWE, see events contact : Thorsten Paulsen, head of events & corporate publishing Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. service hotline: 030 / 20-164-222 E-Mail:


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