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The Elegant Beauty

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As we all know, Christian Dior is one of the couture houses world’s largest, and in recent years in addition to marvel at their winter and summer collections, we are delighted with the freshness of their perfumes. One of the most chosen by the women of the world is Miss Dior Cherie, who happens to be a revised edition of the classic Miss Dior, making a perfume for day and night. It is a fragrance that calls the carefree youth, for modern women and free. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Author. This fragrance belongs to the family and the smell of fruity chypre combining essences of strawberry leaves, violet, jasmine, rose and caramel popcorn among others, resulting in a sweet perfume, but cool with a touch fruity, it is not cloying and can use both in the winter months, as in the summer.

Despite being designed to stimulate our sense of smell, perfumes also come first in the eyes, so much emphasis has been placed on the package, so that as an amalgam its contents, and the designers have given rise to a very feminine bottle in the shape of the rectangle with silver cap, and the simple detail that adds to its delicacy is also silver ribbon that is located between the cap and the bottle making it into a work of art that one would want to display in the toilet. The visual world of this jewel of the Dior house, complete with ads that have been created to make it known to the world, and the pastel colors of Paris to Sofia Coppola recreated for the television commercial starring the model Maryna Linchuk, speaks of a great romance, where the protagonist is a young, elegant and playful, you will experience a fresh and intimate, so there is plenty of freedom and comfort of being a woman in these times, in the message. Surely, though this perfume was intended for younger, many women, a slightly larger fall surrendered to the charms of woody touches, and the inspiration of freedom it brings perfume.


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