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Gres coliseumgres Russia is using the most advanced equipment, high-level professionals are constantly developing to improve the quality of products, designers explore Consumer demand to create new collections. According to its technical and aesthetic characteristics of ceramic production coliseumgres Russia is not inferior to foreign analogs. In contrast to traditional ceramic tiles, ceramic coliseumgres has an amazing structural homogeneity: it is extremely durable and compact, the lowest levels of water absorption is different, and so hardy, easy care, Shock-proof and resistant to chemicals. Read more here: Former Maryland Governor. Gres coliseumgres made from environmentally friendly, carefully selected raw materials are fired at a temperature of 1200 C and pressed under a pressure of 400 atmospheres. Enterprise coliseumgres produces several collections of porcelain: trentino (Trentino) – glazed ceramic "under the tree" format 45×45; umbria (Umbria) – glazed ceramic "wood" 45×45 format, similar to the tile series trentino (Trentino); veneto (Veneto) – glazed porcelain tiles, imitating the paved stone in the format 45×45; lazio (Lazio) – glazed ceramic "under a rock" format 30×30, complete the decoration, borders and inserts for all colors; sicilia (SICILY) – an imitation of natural stone with veins, is made in 45×45 format with decors, borders and accents for each color; piemonte (PEMONTE) – Tile "under a stone with elegant decor 30×30; toscana (TUSCANY) – Tile" under a rock, like a tile collection piemonte (PEMONTE), size 30×30; project ( PROJECT) – porcelain salt-pepper 30×30 7 mm thick, for each color produced stage. The company is continuing to design new collections, so in the near future are waiting for new design ideas embodied in tile coliseumgres Russia.


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