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It is the first creation. When he decided to create all the things in the space and in the time, the land and the sidereal world, the Creative nothing he used beyond the preexisting ideal models in the Unignito of all eternity. For this? God created the world of the nothing. ' ' In the Principle (ab perpetual) it was the Verb, the Verb was with God, the Verb was God. It exists before all the things and everything in it subsiste. Everything was made by means of it, without it nothing was made. Everything was made by it and pra it. In it the things, invisible and visible had been created all, in the sky and terra' ' (10), (11).

Everything is good, because it proceeds from the heart, the will and the intelligence of the good God. ' ' In the principle (of the time) God created the sky and the land. God said (creative Word): Espcie&#039 becomes makes each being according to its; ' (ideal model). The woman and the man, image and similarity of God, had received the freedom to perpetuate in the land the original goodness of the creation. It is the second creation.

But they had decided to follow diverse way of its capacity for the good, and had practised the evil. The history of the evil started, in challenge to the goodness of the creation dreamed for God. Because man and woman had used the freedom without criterion, all the creation seriously was affected in its being and its original activities. ' ' Until when the Land will complain of and will be dries the grass of all field? Because of the badness of its inhabitants birds perish animal and. Jav will open a process against the inhabitants of the land, because it does not have allegiance, love nor knowledge of God in terra' ' (12).


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