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The Best-known Brands Festina, Dupont. Success Story

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The famous Swiss watch company with a century-old history, festina is one of the best known manufacturers in the world of quartz and mechanical watches for the middle class. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1902 and by 2002 gained an unblemished reputation in the watch world. In the middle of the xx century festina becoming one of the most popular brands in the European market: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and in the late 90’s on festina in full voice began America. Today Mission companies are located in 85 countries on five continents and employs approximately 2000 employees. As part of an expanded marketing program the company is the official timekeeper of the Festina bicycle racing tour de france (since 1994), giro de italia (since 1996) vuelta A espana (since 1996), tour of Switzerland (since 2004), tour of Romania (since 2005), tour of Hungary (since 2006), Tour of Serbia (since 2006) as well as races in the U.S. and other countries.

In addition, the firm has its own Festina team riders, which was twice the winner of the race tour de france, a leader of it was three times voted the best cyclist tour de france. Individual words worthy collection of gold watches festina d’oro, released to mark the centenary. In these hours of 18K gold podkupayusche united democratic price and huge selection. The collection festina d’oro is more than fifty models of different geometries – round, rectangular, square. Handmade bracelets studded with diamonds, which makes the clock status of fine jewelry on the wrist. Company ‘ST Dupont’ achieved fame for its magnificent enhancements that have received recognition from the world’s elite. The product range of ‘ST Dupont’ now includes more than 100 different names, among which the collection pens, lighters, watches and accessories for smokers cigars, clothing, leather goods and perfumes. The roots of this old French company leave in the last century, when its founder – Simon Dupont – opened a small private firm for the production of road leather bags and accessories for travelers. Already at the beginning of xx century brand ‘ST Dupont’ acquires fame and becomes a symbol of respectability and prosperity. In the 40’s there is first gold lighter, while already Today about 80% of the world in luxury lighters falls on share ‘ST Dupont’.


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