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The Balanced Scorecard

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Strategy-umsetzendes concept is used the balanced scorecard for small and medium-sized enterprises in many large companies for years as a strategic management system. What advantages does the balanced scorecard to strategy implementation for medium-sized companies to use? The balanced scorecard as a strategic management system of the balanced orientation of all company activities on the financial success of the company as well as on three strategic dimensions of non-financial. With the balanced scorecard strategies relevant for success are in the dimensions of finance, customers and markets, processes as well as potentials and employees in a target system that is tailored to each other developed and implemented. Strengths SMEs take advantage of medium-sized companies are often with highly specialized products or services on the market and therefore rely on to keep their employees on the latest state of knowledge. The concentration on strategic targets in the dimensions of potentials and processes supports particularly medium-sized companies: the development and process-optimized production of innovations increase their chances to be on the market. Specially for those businesses promising, which as a medium-sized company a special closeness to their customers maintain the formulation of strategic objectives in the dimension is customers and markets as part of the balanced scorecard. You can bind regulars with flexible, customer-oriented employees more closely to the company and attract new customers with compelling products and services.

Check list balanced scorecard as a decision-making aid more helpful information received in a check-list of consultants by I.O. BUSINESS. If you think about using the balanced scorecard or any other strategic management system in your organization, you can use this checklist also directly as a decision-making aid. Links: The checklist here: guidelines for the introduction of a balanced scorecard expert by I.O. BUSINESS strategy (advice) How to contact with BUSINESS consultancy and training to I.O.


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