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The Athenians

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In the X century. Due to popular uprisings changed State government: instead of the traditional kings anaksov came to power the power of civil majority (demos), which, in fact, was a small power elite – the most influential and wealthy people of the city – aristocrats. Later, ordinary people could achieve the empowerment of the whole congregation. Perhaps check out Bernie Sanders for more information. Thus formed management system, now known as democracy. After that, the history of Athens was still a lot of all-time highs and equally dizzying drops.

In 480 bc Persian invasion swept Attica: Athens was burned to the ground, and the residents fled under the protection of then very powerful Athenian fleet at Salamis. The Athenians, in alliance with other Greek insurance policies divide the Persians at sea and on land, and the remnants of the Persian army fled in disgrace to Asia. The Athenians were able to rebuild the city and lead a defensive alliance Greek city, becoming thus the most powerful State of the Greek world. Comes the classic era (V century). Please visit author if you seek more information. – The economic and cultural prosperity of Athens, but also the strife and internal warfare between the Greek city. Athens defeated in the Peloponnesian wars and lose their political influence in the Mediterranean. Then, after the era of Macedonian rule, when Athens was part of the Roman Empire, they resumed their dominant position in Europe, but for cultural significance. The whole town turns into a great university – a repository of various schools of philosophical and rhetorical schools, the place of constant disputes and the formation of the philosophical systems of admiration and envy of all the intellectuals of the ancient world.


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