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Techniques Of Story-RPG

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Elements of creative play and play is a form of activity that can be short or long term. This distinction is very important for the caregiver. The fact that a short does the game only performs the role of incentive to overcome certain difficulties a child. Educational functions of short-term game to some extent limited, often comes after an emotional lift recession the overall mood. Author describes an additional similar source. This occurs When children do not need arose to carry out a serious operation. Game while only performs the role of emotional stimuli. Immeasurably greater opportunities has long does the game. Elements of the game, a game form as their long-term use serve as exercises in organizing collective activities for children.

For example, the game “Moidodir constantly requires children cleanliness and neatness; game “Samodelkin” allows you to continuously monitor the safety of doll furniture, and a group imuschestva. ways to influence the children’s games can be divided into short-term (stimulus) and long-term, act as exercises in the education of preschool children positive behaviors. 2. Educational development game plan. The initial stage of the pedagogical design a long game – an outline of its plot, definition of roles, playing and filling them with concrete content. The biggest difficulty of developing a long game is to inspire children playing in the proposed version. Younger children are poorly represented, as You can play the cosmonauts at the launch site, and in a group of sailors – not on the river, and in the room. That is why the development of a long game caregiver should seek to maximize the saturation of its game content, able to captivate a child.


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