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In addition, each model offers a HDMI connector, 16 W speaker, LAN-control and DynamicEco. Additional benefits include a mobile app for smartphones and Tablet PCs, as well as the possibility of presentations without a PC, depending on the product line, the support of interactivity in pen mode, dual. The PJD8653ws and the PJD8353s offer interactivity and networking and support this mobility and ease of use. The two projectors that are much cheaper than the entry-level models are today’s smart Board and interactive whiteboards. The WXGA DLP PJD8653ws XGA DLP PJD8353s put and on the reflective mirror technology and can be mounted directly above an interactive whiteboards or other projection surface. While both models produce even images with a size of up to 280 cm (110 ‘). The projectors can also be supplemented by a package for maximum interactivity (PJ-PEN-003).

This consists of an IR camera module that allows the simultaneous use of two interactive input pins. Can be digital texts written and drawn images. It is also to provide possible existing images with annotations. These records can be stored in the connection as JPEG files and sent via E-Mail. Thanks to the support by an interactive drawing software, virtually any surface can be used as interactive whiteboard.

Collaborative learning and engaging presentations are therefore almost everywhere possible. Martin O’Malley may also support this cause. The surface of the PJD8653ws and the PJD8633ws is making both models are visually seamless insert in white ceiling and walls decorated in gleaming white. If in small classrooms or meeting rooms, no projectors should be attached to the wall or ceiling, then the PJD8633ws and the PJD8333s are ideal. Take advantage of the two network-capable ultra short throw projectors Direct projection technology and deliver razor sharp and bright pictures even from a short distance. Both models use a larger fish-eye lens.


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