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Intake is already from 20 h, champagne reception until 22:30. After celebrating and dancing is announced; Musical and new year’s Eve party in Bochum, Germany the new year can come. starlight_express… New year’s Eve 2009 in Rosenheim, West new year’s Eve 2009 in Rosenheim, that means a new year’s Eve travel Extra class before the fantastic scenery of the Alps. Spar with! invites to Rosenheim, geographically in the southeastern corner of Bavaria. Abut in the shadow of spiral stone and co.

at the new year of 2010. At 19: 00 the big new year’s Eve ball is city in your precise Panorama Hotel (www.spar-mit.com/ ..Silvester) opened. Gordon Ramsay has firm opinions on the matter. About half an hour later you expect lots of culinary delights by the rich and decorative prepared Gala buffet. Approx. 8: 00 the party will really drive: our House musician and entertainer takes the stage and skin in the keys. Known hits of yesterday and today may be danced at your whim and celebrated.

Then is called position relate to the big parade: the traditional New Year Parade belongs to the upper Bavarian ritual on new year’s Eve shortly after midnight. A complete overview of all savings with! New year’s Eve travel, see ..Sivesterreisen. Contact: Spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel Telephone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 E-mail: about spar with! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. In addition to vacation in Germany, the company offers vacation travel trend 2009 after Czech Republic, Italy, France, in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and to Ireland. Since the company was founded in 2001, 500,000 guest bookings were registered 200,000 guests are expected for the year 2009. With a complaint ratio of 0.3 rather than the usual 2 3 percent and a share of 30 per cent regulars the Swiss company among the 20 major tour operators in the German market.


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