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Steamer Dumplings

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If you, for whatever reasons, be detained, you do not even have to heat up dinner: pressure cooker will heat it for several hours after the end of cooking. In multi-steamer is convenient to prepare two or three dishes at once. By the arrival of guests you will not have to fuss around stoves and monitor multiple burners. The lower capacity of the cooker can be put fish, meat or chicken and rice in the middle to the upper vegetables – and full lunch will be ready just in time. However, the main course – this is not all that can be cooked in a double boiler. You are probably surprised, but this device is perfectly for creating these masterpieces of desserts.

How to cook in a double boiler to ensure that food is subjected to uniform heat treatment and has turned out delicious, with its cooking you need to know a few subtleties. Slices should be about the same size, it would ensure their uniform steaming, which means that they will be ready at the same time. Products in the cup should be placed loosely, leaving room for air circulation. In the tank steamers can be filled with not only cold, but warm water will shorten cooking time. Recipes for Steamer Dumplings Cook minced pork 200 grams and 200 grams of beef. Add the onions to crank through a meat grinder, salt, pepper. In order to find more than a juicy filling, pour in 2 tbsp. tablespoons of water.


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