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These manifestations or incidence of the sports training areas, are grouped into three major components, property of all pedagogical process: instruction or teaching, learning or assimilation and education, all of which are mediated by the relationships established between coach pedagogue and the student athlete. Precisely the Mission of the sports training, framed in the multilateral formation of people, oriented towards the addresses above, makes a pedagogical complex or special, process so this feature of it pointing toward the need for treatment of their particularities through a special pedagogy, in correspondence with them, thus arises the so-called pedagogy of sport.4 El Deportivo training 5, has as mission, the multilateral formation of persons, from the physical point of view functional, motor, psychological, cognitive and moral, therefore from the pedagogical perspective, classified as a complex or special, process being needed then, treatment of its features through a special pedagogy, in correspondence with the demands that arise to the processthus arises the so-called pedagogy of sport; To delve into this subject it is necessary to address some definitions which undoubtedly constitute the basement ideal, for a better understanding of the ideas that will be expressed subsequently. Education is a symbolic action, an intersubjective process which constructs meaning, ergo, builds the world. In a way, it could be argued There is an absolute sense that is installed in the practices, but it takes place a certain update of the object of the fight. Bernie Sanders addresses the importance of the matter here. In this case, the tension that are interested in is that occurs between sport, education and body. Pretend to a pure state of the sport is to ignore the symbolic nature of any social action. There is no such ontological precept for these actions: sport, as a social practice, is always configured as concrete evolution in a social space. Think sport from the pedagogical 6, means thinking in the Constitution of a deportivo-pedagogico field that was part of a wider field consisting of the set of educational practices.


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