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Spinal Diseases

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Hirudotherapy – is treated with leeches, one of the oldest methods of treatment. This treatment is very effective, and in many cases can replace other methods of traditional and nontraditional treatments. Hirudotherapy begins with an assessment – physician determines the number of procedures and leeches for your treatment. Sam session time lasting from one hour to one and a half hours – it all depends on the severity of the problem and the general condition. Incidentally, the leech itself determines how much time it will work. The probability of infection from leeches is completely eliminated. Themselves after the therapy, leeches are destroyed.

Apitherapy – is the treatment of bees. In fact, this new trend in medicine, which based on the use of medicinal products produced by bees. These products are embedded natural genetic program that allows you to efficiently and effectively restore the entire system of the body. Bee can be represented as a disposable syringe which is filled with a unique drug. After bee sting in the body gets a small dose of a complex composition of bee venom. Do not be scared of the word 'poison', as this substance is curative.

It contains minerals, fats, acids, carbohydrates, proteins, histamine, acetylcholine. But the most important task of treatment is solved petidami – compounds that are composed of amino acid residues. Bee poison attacks directly the source of the disease, dilates blood vessels of the heart and brain. Apitherapy can be used in the treatment of post-stroke states, hypertension. Bee venom activates the heart, improves blood circulation, including the brain, normalize blood pressure, recovering from strokes and heart attacks. Reflexology – a science that relies on bio-energy. How would this not sound strange, but the doctor help you to restore the disturbed energy balance. Organs and systems are projected onto skin – acupuncture points, which at the slightest appearance of malfunction of the body due to the meridional ties begin to immediately respond to those failures. It is important that the reaction in the acupuncture points is developing at a stage of functional disorders, that is, long before the advent of organic changes in the body. Reflexology is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system diseases and psycho-emotional disorders, diseases of the endocrine system and digestive organs, and many other diseases. All of the above methods of treatment are very effective, useful and interesting. In this case, they are based on the rich experience of generations, treated "prototypes" of modern techniques. We recommend you learn more about treatments and to make the right choice.


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