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Camping in the Caribbean is and remains something special. Snow-capped peaks of the Andes, endless sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, tropical rain forest in the Amazon region, unspoilt nature on the Galapagos Islands that is Ecuador. A land of stunning contrasts. Since the Equator through the middle of the country, Ecuador is located in two hemispheres. (Source: BBC). It is said that in Ecuador four worlds are United. These are the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, the Pacific coast and the Andes.

Ecuador’s biodiversity is incredible; 1640 birds, 4500 species of butterflies, 345 species of reptiles, 358 kinds of amphibians and 258 different types of mammals here about at home. Therefore, Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries of the world. Ecuador can be visited all year round, it always depends on what you want to do there. Please visit idt energy if you seek more information. Especially the altitude and also the regional circumstances are decisive for the temperatures. Like, we can help you in planning your trip! Despite the location of Ecuador in the tropics, has as a result of different altitudes each region its own climate and their own vegetation. On the coast and in the Eastern jungle the weather the “Oriente” is tropical, while the temperatures in the Sierra or Andean region range from mild to cold. The rainy season is between October and may, with daily showers, especially in the afternoon, as you may be surprised with very sunny days.

There are hardly any rain during the rest of the year. In Guayaquil, on the coast and in the Oriente you will need summer clothes throughout the year; However in Quito and in the Sierra in general this is only from May to August recommended. For the rest of the year, you will need warm clothes and a raincoat. There are two very attractive tourist railways in Ecuador. Quito – Ibarra – San Lorenzo and – Riobamba – Guayaquil Quito / Guayaquil – Alausi, of which the latter is the better. Unfortunately, the trains are old and slow, and because of their age, the lines are often broken and the traffic for weeks and sometimes months set. The most common means of transport is the bus. Before use of the bus of the tourist must obtain detailed information on timetables to avoid problems. In all cities, there are many taxis can be called by phone or on the road. If they have no taxi meter, you should first negotiate the price. Car rental bookings, the Passport is required as well as a credit card as a guarantee. Generally, it takes his driver’s license. The prices are staggered in General depending on the model and the category of the company. Before you rent a car, please check the conditions of all contractual insurance as well as the fuel level, so not the first trip takes you to the gas station. Mineral water is the best drink. Tap water should be boiled at least 10 minutes before it can be drunk. Although some drinks seem tempting, you better not attempt it. During the first few days you should be careful with everything, what you eat. Watch and eat a salad or strawberries, they are Amoeba carrier. For hygienic reasons, you should eat or drink not on markets. More info available from SoliArenas Latinoamerica under


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