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Thus situations differentiated that we form common definitive pupil, as for example to improve the note of this, so that it is not of recovery, guided the times for the factor friendship or empatia, would not have to exist in the attitudes of a formador of opinions. According to FREIRE (1996, p.96) ' ' the good professor is what he obtains, while to speak, to bring the pupil until the privacy of the movement of its pensamento' '. Its lesson if becomes a challenge to keep pupil in tune with what it is mediating in the classroom. Soon we cannot think that the construction of the knowledge is individual and yes a double way, where the professor about classroom is an intermediary between contents of learning learning. On the basis of the WALLON theory (2008, P.68) a theoretician who much contributed speaking regarding the affectivity, of social and the intellectual one says that: . The school is the institution that has for purpose to provide activities to develop these aspects.

Being the education a social factor, it must reflect the reality concrete in which this social being lives, it acts e, many times looks for to modify. The function of the education is to integrate the formation of the person and its insertion in the society and, thus, to assure its full accomplishment. It fits to the education, of this form, to form individuals independent, pensantes, active, capable to participate of the construction of a contextualizada society. The pedagogical methods cannot be dissociados of these approaches, them must be supported in the knowledge of the pupil and its half one, therefore ' ' all the children, whichever its familiar, social, ethnic origins, have equal right to the maximum development that its personality holds. They floodgate. They must not have another limitation beyond its aptides' '. final 3.Consideraes the school represents a place in constant movement and transformation, where the involved social actors in the educative process are agents of the social dynamics that occurs in the interior of the pertaining to school space, in a process to know.


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