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Policy again uses child pornography as a means of pressure on a meeting on Monday between representatives of the Government and we have agreed, decisively leading providers of Internet access, according to Heise.de, about technical and legal possibilities to blocking and filtering of content on the Internet. The exact details are still being negotiated, but nothing in the way like a censorship measure. So, a “obstruction of access for child pornographic offers” should be set up. Danielle Steel is actively involved in the matter. “We, the Pirate Party Germany, see this as a disastrous intervention in our right to freedom of expression and freedom of information”, the Lower Saxony leader Christian Koch. Of course it’s gross to offer child pornography, or to create them at all. At this point a comprehensive measure of censorship does not intervene but, but it is simply silent dead this crime. Because what is not to be found on the Internet so easily, that there is no apparently. This is pure window dressing.

It is surprising in this context nor that spoken by an obstruction of access, and it isn’t about creating and adjusting such content. “The legal basis should be created for such censorship through a revision of the Telemedia Act. Technically, this is almost no problem, countries such as China, Iran and Cuba also show that. There are blocked websites that correspond to the interests of the respective Governments. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cyrus R. Vance Jr.. “The great danger is there,” Koch “that in Germany, under the guise of combating child pornography, censorship in these countries will be introduced. Now it’s the fallacy of child pornography, again adopted in the policy tomorrow, there are the websites of National Socialists, then left fringe groups and at the end of the free press. The Interior Ministers of the individual federal States try again and again to establish; most recently, Uwe Schunemann from Lower Saxony, Germany. This approach must be stopped before the door is opened the censorship in our free democratic country.

It is time Child pornography finally here to fight, where it originates, and where existing laws and regulations already provide sufficient possibilities to apply them also. Prosecution is not promoted as before, only to be pushed through all oppressive measures for us. “And who knows what else will disappear when a lockout.” The Pirate Party demands therefore a departure from all efforts to censor the Internet by blocking individual content. “We demand a corresponding to our laws and our society dealing with the subject of child pornography”, explains Christian Koch.” Silence dead benefits anybody something, especially not children; so some politicians seem to forget again. Crime in the grey zone of forgetfulness to banish is no democratic form so that to deal and helps no one, certainly not the prevention of such offences. “


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