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We understand that the functions of the evaluation are potentially two: I diagnosis it and the classification. Of the first one, one assumes that it allows to the professor and the pupil to detect the weak points of this and to extract the pertinent consequences on where to later place the emphasis in education and the learning. Second it has for objective to hierarquizar and to classify the pupil. In a generalized manner, in the interior of the school it has great concern with the note or concept to be attributed to the pupil. It is always on directly to the approval or reprovao of the pupils. The note finishes if becoming an end in same itself, being very distanciada and without relation with the learning situations. The evaluation in this conception only serves to judge and to classify.

The participation of the pupil in this process is small e, many times, it not even has clarity of the o reason of the gotten results; the note arrives as a sentence defining its destination is of the school. To only think the evaluation as tool to approve or to disapprove, strengthens the cruel side of the school. When this simply classifies capable to continue the studies in the subsequent series, finishes penalizando those that belong more to distanciadas the disfavored social classrooms of the knowledge historically accumulated. These are the ones that more fail. Many times, also the school uses the note disciplines to control it of the pupils in the room and to fit them in rules and norms that consider desirable, disclosing total absence of reflection on the meaning of the evaluation. According to Gamma (1993), to transform the evaluation it demands to transform practical the pedagogical one and one becomes necessary that it leaves of being instance of exclusion of the originary pupils of the dominated classroom; that the school is resultant of a project through the ascension for the teaching staff of a politically decisive paper in the transformation of the reality; the professors receive orientaes metodolgicas and didactic that the pedagogical project of the school is inserted in the set of the transformations of the society he stops beyond its authoritarian and antidemocratic characteristics and a compatible random process with the project of the school exists.


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