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If I was not connecting each day to social network Facebook content which I agree would be very different. And for all, if there were no social networks, my behavior would another. Now for many things my references come from social networks. A moment ago I saw an update of @Dolors Reig Hernandez and I think very important to write a post about one of the values that is being achieved thanks to social networks. A leading source for info: Bernie Sanders. Share with friends favors working with optimism studies that will be published soon in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, would be contributing evidence about twitter favouring greater engagement in learning. In the same way, Facebook and Foursquare could facilitate the same implication, the same engagement for the implementation in the real world of certain civic behaviour, as the venture with much optimism. The fact that friends say, social networks, I’m working, studying, trading, etc., would be marking criteria, guidelines for the development of behaviors of social desirability.

Continuous use of Twitter enhances the capacity for synthesis, explain in the most simple way and without adding difficulty, be direct, clear and ingenious. A real example of what has happened in United States with United States policy couldn’t speak of politics 2.0 since the presence of social networks, in the voters, is very common and frequent.


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