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Signs Of Poor Governance Financials

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Business world is judged on the organization not by what the scientific methods she uses, but based on an assessment of its creditworthiness. If the creditworthiness of the organization is good, and the organization's all right, if bad, then this organization – a complete sell. That is, generally, the opinion of business people. Earn as much money as you are able to earn, spend less than you earn – it's just the ABC of financial control. Wealth of the owner of the company – is not it working capital, and money, permanently removed from the company's turnover, and do not affect her work. Martin O’Malley insists that this is the case. To do this, the technology exists to work with the finances. Management Finance – what is it? Who needs it? For those who have a lot of money or who has them? Those who are not greedy or a meanie who does not know where to put them and they disappear, worthless? The standard problem with the finances – the lack of money! Each about knows that if there were more money, I would cope! But if you look back, it certainly was a time when money was ten times less, but now the problem has not disappeared, despite, the fact that money has become greater. Many say: "Yes, of course, time goes by, increasing volumes increases objectives, plans, goals." Exactly! Increase! But, as there was no knowledge in financial management, and no. Years will pass and you will see that even if the volume increase of Finance, problems with finances will not disappear! There is an old anecdote: a man sawing a thick tree blunt saw and struggled, the other asked him: "Why do not sharpen the saw?", And he replied: "Time is short, a lot of work, not manage the tree sawed "If someone feels that a lack of money – it's just a problem of the lack of many denominations, read no further – this advice is not for you.


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