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Sclerosing Veins

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Reading some scientific articles on the net I found a revolutionary treatment for annoying and little aesthetic varicose disease. It consists of converting a varix, which is a stretched and damaged in a very fine lace tube. In this way the body detects it as something strange and reabsorbs it. Sclerosing treatments allow you to treat both varicose veins of small caliber as moderate. Thermal sclerosis is one that uses the laser so that it will absorb that light, shrinks, dries and be expelled. When we talk about laser surgery can assimilate to sclerosis since it’s pass the laser inside the varicose veins through optical fiber and convert those veins enlarged in cords. I.e.

that is the action is the same but using different techniques. Each type of varicose veins has its kind of Sclerosing treatment. We must differentiate between varicose veins large venous insufficiency, making much relief in the skin, and those that are smaller and whose involvement is more superficial. To appear at a level most dermal is considered the more an aesthetic problem than health. The caliber of the varix is what determines the Sclerosing treatment, whether it will be with liquid, foam or transdermal laser. This last treatment should only be used with small varicose veins, those that do not exceed 5 mm. caliber.

For larger varicose veins laser surgery is advisable since a Sclerosing treatment would last until give results because the varicose veins to be bigger, take more time to dry out and disappear. In the treatment of small varicose veins is done on an outpatient basis, and the technique is often applied in a very short time. It is almost always combined with liquid or foam with transdermal laser, chemical sclerosis thus enhance both techniques together. Effectiveness in this case is much longer. The sessions are few and many varicose veins just once can be treated using this technique. The results are short-term and of effectiveness of 100% an of the main causes of varicose veins is obesity. Surfing the internet I gave with a pretty good to lose weight without starving course. I leave this link!


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