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Scientific Experiments

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Here I wish to tell about the basis of experiments conducted by scientists in the world. Imagine that you are invited to a secret laboratory for the experiment as a volunteer. To you slowly approaches confident scientist in his dressing gown, shows the finger at a man sitting in the corner, and confidently said: ‘You have to kill this man. ” Your actions? I’m sure you ask again him. The researcher will say again that this is exactly the essence of the experiment, you will not misheard.

If you learn from their friends what they would do in this case, they all say that they will refuse and will not do it. But, according to observations of the scientist from Wales Wall Milgram, which he spent in the 1960’s of last century, the whole thing is just a filing job. Most people can be forced to commit torture, the case only in the methods of persuasion. During this experience Milgrom says with conviction volunteers that they will be determined by the influence enforcement on speed training. One volunteer (he was the frontman Milgrema) – further student, had to memorize foreign words in pairs, and the second (actually a volunteer ‘from the street’) – more teachers – check it out progress, calling the first word of each pair. If the student gives an incorrect answer, the teacher has the ability to ‘punish’ his electric shock through electrodes attached to.

Experience went. Pupil gradually began to stray, and the magnitude of the voltage that it ‘encouraged’ teacher, has increased to one-hundred volts. Then a student began screaming loudly and say that it is bad. Often at this point the teacher suspended the experience and interest in the scientist how to proceed. Professor replied that the process should continue. In fact Mildgrema not interested in the principle of learning and action ‘teachers’ if they had to choose between the certainty and the demands of the researcher and the fear of causing torment student. The following results were unexpected for a scientist. It turned out the majority of teachers continued to study, even if the student begins to scream ‘pain’ and almost all the subjects reached the extreme magnitude scale voltage – 500 volts. In this case, a student quite naturally died down and pretended to be dead. This led teachers in horror, some laugh hysterically and covered with icy sweat. As argued later Milgrom, his research he wanted to show that a simple man so amenable to the value of authority that many agree to do under this authoritative influence of all sorts of vile acts, not controlling their behavior. He said in particular that during World War quite a lot of people helped the aggressors to torment their own countrymen, because it is only in the authority of ‘teacher’. We must also note that the experiments were conducted in the U.S., but if he was held, for example, in Russia, the results, I think, would have been different. The Slavs used to do a good neighbor and a sacrifice, which accounts for a vanishingly small number of defectors at the time such as the Patriotic voyny.


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