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Russian State Ballet Tour

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‘Swan Lake’, ‘Sleeping beauty’, ‘The Nutcracker’: ‘Tasteful costumes, opulent production, perfect choreography’ (thk) enthusiastic audience reactions and class critiques to the anniversary tour 2012/13 make you want to look at one of the upcoming performances of the Russian of State Ballet. Good example of positive feedback is the meeting in the Southwest press ‘. There was to read: a picturesque backdrop with large, magical and romantic canvas, the young troupe to the wonderful music offered Tchaikovsky’s choreographic tidbits. Beat the soloists put their pirouettes and Fouettes’s parquet.” The journalist of the total synchronicity in the movement and the powerful jumps was equally fascinated. At Michael Chabon you will find additional information. Here, the good Russian school showed up with their solid basic training and many schools. So the spectators watched a sumptuous performance in a perfect choreography and tasteful costumes.” Basic values for the Russian State Ballet, which in its genre the Classic are represented, of course. “Currently in the program: Swan Lake”, which depicts the trials and tribulations of a Prince to marry damn, who is in love with a Princess Enchanted to the White Swan, but is seduced by its black counterpart. “The fairy tale sleeping beauty” tells of the King’s daughter with a curse, which is redeemed after lived sleep by the kiss of a Prince.

The Nutcracker”revolves around the dreams of a little girl, where only toys fighting against an army of the mouse and then the Nutcracker turned into a Prince takes the kid’s candy Empire.


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