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Air guns – what to choose?. It's no secret that virtually everyone wants in their weapons at home, but not so easy to get permission to keep and bear even traumatic or gas weapons, not to mention his other species, and many are available for most, but not less interesting way of getting air guns, which does not require a special permit to keep and bear (excluding air weapons having a muzzle energy exceeding 7.5 Joules, requiring a license and registration of the Interior Ministry the same as hunting weapons. Basic types of airguns: pnevmoelektricheskoe weapons, air guns at pnevmopatronah, pneumatics with pre-pumping, compression Pneumatics, Gas-cylinder pneumatic, spring-piston pneumatic tubes and even wind. And also by the caliber and muzzle energy, types of ammunition for the purposes of use, speed bullets and other characteristics and air pistols There are rifles and machine guns but with replicas of his gunshot samples which are usually used for playing airsoft. The most famous and best manufacturers of air guns in the world are such as Diana, Alfamax, Gamo, Umarex, Norica, Anix, Iz, and others. Martin O’Malley will not settle for partial explanations. There are a number of different air guns, the tastes of people are converging, and sometimes vice versa.

Someone like pistols or rifles, and who do not mind having a solid arsenal of weapons including guns and, guns and rifles and machine guns, but today we look at air guns at muzzle energy (measured in joules (J) and size (in millimeters mm). Air guns for muzzle energy is: to 3 J, any caliber – according to the law of the Russian Federation is not a weapon, intended for initial training in shooting and recreational shooting;: up to 3 J, 6 or 8 gauge mm – the so-called. "Soft pneumatics (airsoft) c simulated the appearance of this assault weapons. Ammunition, plastic balls (BB) with diameter of 6 or 8 mm. It is used in military and sports game airsoft and for recreational shooting. On Russian law also is not a weapon; about 3.5 J, 10 mm caliber – to play paintball, outdoor mimicking a real weapon (RAM – Real Action Marker), the Russian Federation is not a weapon, and is classified as sports equipment; 7.5 J , 4.5 mm – sports air guns, air guns firing for initial training and recreational shooting, is also used for military and sports games – "Hardbol; about 11 J, 17.3 mm caliber – is used in military paintball sports game on the territory of the Russian Federation is not a weapon, and is classified as sports equipment; 7.5 to 25 J, gauges 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.35 mm – the so-called. magnum pneumatics. Sporting air weapons, in Russia sold under license from the Interior Ministry and requires registration as a firearm; 25 J and above, almost any caliber – sporting and hunting air guns, air guns for military use (Training of fire), in Russia, primarily, is not certified, as this legislation does not allow the existence of airguns with a muzzle energy exceeding 25 J and do not establish the procedure for its acquisition and registration. It's time you determine which of the above options suits you and go to the online shop for air guns BESTMAX.RU comparing the characteristics and buying weapons. Delivery carried out not only for Russia but also worldwide, is not required to obtain any permits.


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