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Russian Portraits

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The first results in this way was an enormous historical and artistic exhibition of Russian portraits, held in alarming and significant days of the 1905 Revolution in the Tauride Palace. The exhibition was a revelation particularly to the organizers themselves, and their idea was to show these treasures of the world, for they are worthy of admiration and worship, as all great and imperishable in the art world. We again memoirs Benoit, for live testimony is always self-worth as she past eras. "Russian Seasons" in Paris begin an exhibition of Russian art in 1906, staged by Diaghilev with the close participation Benois and Leon Bakst at Salon d Automne in the halls of . "On the size of the exhibition is sufficient evidence that it takes four huge halls and a number of small: it splashed a lot of the first masterpieces of Russian painting of xviii century. and the first half of the xix in., and in great abundance were represented by the most prominent contemporary artists.

The idea of this exhibition came under the influence of the famous exhibition of the Tauride Palace, and then all of us particularly wanted to show what we have the right to be proud of, not one of our compatriots, and "the world". "Once again then get creative and organizing the gift of Sergei Diaghilev. Not having the home is no official position Sergei achieved that The Emperor himself not only to allow luck to foreign lands the best sculptures and paintings by the Russian school of palaces and museums, but assumed the cost of this ambitious undertaking.


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