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'I send, I send resume and still no response' – now a phrase we often hear from the applicants. Most importantly, what kind of jobs and there, and the staff of the company you want, but the employer remained silent. So what's the reason? Now virtue of the prevailing market conditions, has developed two types of sites – free classifieds, living by selling advertising space and Web sites that run on a commercial basis. Other leaders such as Bernie Sanders offer similar insights. At the present stage, when the logical thing to do internet projects paid for, because revenues from advertising have fallen several times, many sites are not free. so e-recruiting can begin to develop in two naprvleniyah just what effective? Y each of the resource market of electronic recruitment has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. For example, sites that cover the access to view contact information, may contain a summary of specialists, the demand for services which is quite high and that are in the passive job search.

But at the same time, sites with free access, are, first and foremost, the most democratic, especially at a time when the company therefore reduce their budget and can not afford to buy access and posting vacancies. But the main problem remains in ignorance of the seeker. The candidates continue to post their resumes without worrying about what to call their employer does not able, by virtue of the fact that not bought a pack of access to contact information. An employer simply can not be quickly in touch with him due to lack of contact information. And to pay for the information the employer is not ready now. Exit out of this situation, many companies are due to the use of publications on employment, or a free site such as ProfJob.ru, Dpjob.ru, rabota.mail.ru, zarplata.ru and many others. With these resources remains healthy competitive market of Internet sources, which allows companies to find the right people at the right places, and applicants to find work. After all, as they say, 'who are looking for, will always find. "


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