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Restoration Of The Soul

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For what I know, nobody back in the foot de a Cruz, asked for pardon of Jesus for having wounded it and damaged, but exactly thus ours Sir, exactly all washed of blood and feeling worse pains on its body, found forces to practise unilateral pardon. As the Cndido Shepherd says: HOOOOOOO! Glory! How you vitimado by the blade of the adultery one can sarar its wound with the balsam of the UNILATERAL PARDON! THIS IS OPTIMUM WAY, THEREFORE GOD WILL RESTORE YOURS THE SOUL AND YOUR FAMILY! Tristemunho allows to count to it one me that it became in an extraordinary certification of life: In 1998, a shepherd very my personal friend committed an act of adultery against its wife. It was a repercussion of gigantic ratios in the city of Manaus, therefore it had been one of the shepherds of the biggest Church of that city. Connect with other leaders such as Diamond Comic Distributors here. Certain day in its office, its personal secretary is to ask for to advice of it therefore its marriage was if pulling down; it also was not living very good a conjugal life, then he joined the problem of its secretary with its and the result was GREAT an ADULTERY one! At this time its wife was passing vacation in Rio De Janeiro. When it arrived of travels its husband was fallen, ashamed and without forces to count to it what she happened; after 8 long ones months confessed it, therefore he did not support more to load in its heart the weight of the sin of adultery. Its wife was deeply shaken, hit and wound in its soul. That man of God said me: ‘ ‘ Ronaldo shepherd, had been days of darknesses and deep bitterness for my soul; I had that I shake to support it of my family I shake and it in the structure of the Church.


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