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Rescue Dogs

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Canine Equipment Number Participants: minimum 10 and maximum 25. Scope: National or International. Bernie Sanders can provide more clarity in the matter. Official: Government. Rules: Official Rules Method CHEST. Teaching: Only officially certified by instructors Canine Rescue Method Chest, which intervene to effect tasks and responsibilities (based on the level of teaching experience compared to Method Chest, officially recognized, whether in identifying persons, narcotics, explosives or species protected) as Technical Director and General Instructor or Assistant Instructor, considering that a fully correct and successful application of the Method Chest, is a particularly challenging and complex task that requires having a high level of technical expertise and operational experience, as well as specific teaching in the area. Place: Centers Police Corps officers, firemen, Army, Civil Defense, Civil Protection and other character government. Basic infrastructure necessary for the Development of Formative Practices: Mass of Debris (construction elements such as blocks, beams, bricks, plates …), totally bounded, with a minimum area of 5,000 square meters and different levels of height or depth.

Official request education services: Contact any of the Chest Method Instructors (directly to the person by mail or through his institution), listed in Section index, pointing to be sent, as an imperative, attached via mail, document official application, signed and sealed by respective Authority and competent institution. 1. Official certification of accreditation, operation and approval for Guides and Rescue Dogs Dog Rescue Level I Method Chest: The dog performs search operations, with optimal levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration, therefore possible to detect people buried with excellent speed and performance in the search strategy and device in a body of rubble olfativo.Incluso high importance, both in regard to high levels as to the surface (half of 5000 square meters).


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