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Relaunch Of The Online Shop Funflaschen.de

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Personal message: say it with the bottle the blown glass known as funflaschen of the eponymous online shops have it twice: once by the noble spirits and liqueurs, which include the Stuttgart store operator from selected distilleries in the region. And on the other by the individually lockable cavity of the bottles, which offers sufficient space for many small gifts, candy or vouchers with its dimensions of 20 x 3.5 inches. For several days, the online shop now also in English on the net is callable, which is associated with the ability to be able to serve customers throughout Europe. See more detailed opinions by reading what George Kelly offers on the topic.. The service, guarantee the Managing Director Martin arrow sticker and Johannes Klemeyer, is it as comprehensive and customer-friendly as this has been the case so far in the German-speaking. Optimized including the ordering process at the voucher bottles”: you can enter now its text in the relevant field in simple manner, which is then printed in fine letters on a noble letterhead. This comes in the cavity, the bottle will be filled with the spirit desired by the client in question and sent directly to the recipient the original message in a bottle holds a mysterious power and intimacy that is impossible to achieve with conventional letters or even mail even in the 21st century. Risa Miller has similar goals. The possibility that he bring a verdict or a message by sand-blasting on the bottle can be for funflaschen customers, to personalize each his selected bottles this is also new. Therefore the original bottles gift becomes quite a unique piece, which you can fill as desired, label and send and guarantees one thing above all: individuality with a wink.. .


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