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Redesign Of Pelikan.com

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The Erlanger Internet Agency: doorway has a new online design concept Pelikan-company from Hanover developed for Visual guidance the striking Pelican logo and the corner wave form a constant Visual anchor in all layout formats. The six target groups on the key visual show Pelikan the customer perspective on the brand. Each of these groups is represented by a distinct color from the existing corporate design. The product segments are presented below the key visuals and correspond to the marks view of the range. The clear spatial separation, both navigations are quick and comprehensible at a glance. The clear, modern design language is the product in the Center.

Large illustrations make the Pelican product worlds can be grasped quickly and unerringly point the way through the site. The remaining elements of the page are structured mainly by the subtle use of white space. A sketch-like character is achieved by the overlapping ends of the soft, dotted lines and provides a generally open impression. A design for all The Visual concept offers a coherent, consistent presentation of your Smartphone on tablets and PCs to the smart TV. Technically, the site based on a responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3 has been implemented.

Of course, also considered high resolution retina displays and ensures a brilliant representation of the image materials. Compatibility without compromise: all content and features of the website are on any device available. Apps such as the Stiftkonfigurator or the stain doctor work on your Smartphone just as comfortable as on your desktop PC. The success proves us right since the introduction of the new layout the bounce rate could be halved at the same time, the average length of stay has increased. Together with the positive user feedback and range increased by the responsive layout, redesign can be described as a big step. Once again helps: doorway to Pelican to set new standards for modern sites in own market segment and to the rest of the PBS industry be far ahead.


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