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Redefine Training

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The dictionary of the RAE defines training as the action or effect of train, redirecting us to prepare, train people or animals, especially for the practice of a sport. Diving among books find a slightly more specific definition, although following the same process of multiple character address (physical, technical, psychological, etc.) whose objective is to develop to the maximum physical potential of an athlete. However, it is increasingly common to find us to a known (friend, family, neighbor,) while we take a ride and ask where are you going?. Decided, it answers to the gym, train. And you think to train? To train you? Did not remember that you practicaras no sport.

Something is definitely changing. For what and why train people? The aim, goal, purpose already are not just sporty character. Frequent physical training is no longer from the hand of the practice of a sport. Outcomes are not already measured for the purpose of performance. It is not necessary to constantly watch brands, how much weight you lift or the time I need to run 10 km, the purpose of the training for the majority of people is one: health and well-being.

And it is normal to watching the scene. The day to day more developed societies, and more during the past two years (happy crisis), has led us to being addicted to a drug harder, sedentary lifestyle. It is so easy to fall. And so difficult to disengage! If we divide our life into two parts, work and leisure, both are very similar from a physical point of view. The day job (or student) of most of the population is characterized by being in a position: sitting. Every time I ask for more results. Each time I have to be more competitive, learn more, earn more money to pay for a bigger apartment and a faster car, everything translates into more hours sitting. More of the same in many of our leisure activities. Cinema, television, computer, video games, in which position? The consequence is that many, fortunately, have realized that this was not the most appropriate way to follow, and rates of inflow to gyms and sports centres grow and grow (one of the few sectors not affected by the crisis). There have always been those who were preparing to do some sport, but they are no longer a majority. They are already more people who feel the need to train for the simple fact of feel good physically and mentally. Because let’s not forget that physical exercise is also mental. Concentration, motivation, desire, effort, mental workload. Whatever the reason for the training (sport, well-being, or even aesthetic), it is the way to get a full welfare. So congratulations to those who do not list the sedentary recruitment. Encourage, with all my strength, which is still on the couch. Get up and move! And I am addressing the makers of dictionaries. Change the definition of training. It could be something as well as action or effect of wanting to feel good, take care of my health, and live in complete well-being, with myself and with others. Any other possible definition of training?


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