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Recognized Operators For Humanity

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The Chest method is a formal and highly effective, training and intervention for Canine Search Teams, to locate people buried (by any element or cause as may be earthquakes, explosions, avalanches, hurricanes) or lost, explosives, narcotics, endangered animal. . . Corps officially aimed fire, police, army, civil defense, is considered a scientific breakthrough and operational for Humanity, and has been the result of 12 years of hard study and research on Learning and Behavior Dog Search by Jaime Parejo Garcia, Firefighter, Seville (Spain) created the system, which considered finalized in October 1994 and decided to baptize with the same name who was one of their canine companions, Chest, to honor him and immortal, that although it was not the only specimen with whom he shared his research, he ended it with the creation of your system. The science (from the Latin scientia, knowledge) is defined in its broadest sense as a system amplioa a cumulative knowledge and methodical a product of scientific research on a particular area of objects and phenomena.

As an organization of sensory experience objectively verificablea or as the collection and development, on methodological experimentation (or accidental) of knowledge. Qualifies as a person cientificoa when the results generated using the scientific method, defined somewhat by Francis Bacon as a systematic application of observation, hypothesis approach to research, test hypotheses by experimentation, demonstration or refutation of hypotheses and developing CONCLUSION or scientific theory. Scientific research is a process of systematic, empirical (based on observable phenomena of reality) and controlled, which, starting a problem or objective, or achievements tries solutions in keeping with the scientific method..


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