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Recipe Green, Cuban, Chicken, A La Cacerolla

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Today I bring you a rich CHICKEN PAN, is a recipe that is mine and I do it many times and my grandchildren love it, because it gently, is very rich naturally low in fat and cholesterol diet. you need a low-fat medium chicken, cut into parts and used only thighs and breast meat is put on the grill and cook over low heat until the dough is golden brown and chicken fat so too has gone, then out and begins to cool to cut into very small pieces not prepare a tiny little portion of white bread flour to make a loaf of bread beneath the mud casserole, but not before having done a bit of the casserole spray or a little butter low calories, we’re going to cook in the oven, and in another we will prepare the chicken and cooked on the grill with vegetables cut up and we put a can of chicken soup with cream when mixed together what we take in the casserole mud, then up you’re going to put Mozzarella gratin cheese and put it in the oven for about 30 minutes to cook the base of the loaf of bread and vegetables from legumes to have already prepared the oven to 350 degrees, HOT AND READY, this dish is delicious if you can not afford a can of soup but you can put two, depending on the size of chicken, but do not put water into the can of soup OK? You need a chicken two or three pounds, two cans of cream of chicken soup, it takes three or four girls large potatoes, cut up into pieces, three or four carrots, if they can put to use corn in grains and vegetable cans but I like natural, a large onion, one large green pepper, green beans can be used, about four tablespoons of regular bread flour, one egg yolk and just puts a little water to mix and make a soft dough in the bottom of the pan, a teaspoon of butter or spray a little at the bottom of the casserole, fourth mozzarella cheese, this chicken is soft and cool when you can get, is like when cut an apple pie. An apple pie, YUM!.


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