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Ramon Gallegos Nava

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Another of the moments that were also those that marked me was having done the exercise when we put in a blank sheet the four most important things for us, this helped me to reflect and place in its proper dimension the level of emotional and positional balance that was at the time, this experience I could share with my children and each of them is ubico being a very matching result with respect to the values we share what allowed to strengthen us as a family. Dr. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Megan Fox. Ramon Gallegos Nava has taught me to convince me that we are spiritual beings from the time we are born, I also learned to clearly establish the difference between the dogmatic spirituality and spirituality of being, to rescue from the depths of my what are the reasons that keep me as a thoughtful and capable of giving it better every dayalways aware that my strength is in my inner self and that the way to strengthen this is through daily meditation because this strategy leads to self-knowledge, to inner balance to guided rationality, to their own happiness to become light to dark, to promote peace as the only path that will lead to harmony among peoplesto know what is our responsibility to the planet, and this leads us to promote among human beings as the fundamental parameter for power reflection transcend and make history through which we passed. Today define myself as a person with plenty of capacity to practice tolerance with my children my wife finally with my coworkers, practical patience generates it increased performance I have learned to let the thoughts and just concentrate only in the generates me profit, I have learned to not wear me in the perception people have of me today live a more natural life letting things happen and understanding that everything has its time and space, a clear example is all the problems that had to overcome during the masters and that served to strengthen the Group and allow growth firm that took us towards results which we now have, I have now learned to use only the amount of energy required and give me time to reflect on my daily actions with my childrenmy students by promoting the principles of the ethical holistic and fortunately they have known assessed, I have also able to discover that the world is been listening to these invitations to reflection and practice of the conscious act than strengthen the relationship subject subject.


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