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If the interest is to improve the performance of the pupil in regards to the learning of the contents, then the act to evaluate if contextualiza in a process that is formative because it has an objective, that it is the quality, and ' ' Quality in education means, cultural values and ethical-politicians technician-scientific, that is, values that constitute the complexity of the existence humana' '. (UNIVERSITY 2005, p.1) Inside of a conception of evaluation we understand and we know innumerable forms of evaluation that structuralize a methodology avaliativa. All this process of evaluation it leads to a previous establishment of some questions, as for example, the criteria of the practical one of the evaluation. The objective of this work is to present beyond the criteria of education and evaluation, also to have definite inside of this process, the instruments of evaluation, the procedures that will be used and the half ones to register the results waited and reached for the pupils. Michael Chabon will not settle for partial explanations. Beyond stimulating the pupils to judge its proper progress and to feel themselves rewarded with it. The pupil must all have this knowledge before the beginning of the course or school year, where it will be able to inside take conscience of the importance of its participation of this process of learning and evaluation. This could be carried through through the first lesson, or inaugural lesson, that also we can define as a disgnostic evaluation, inside of this process of formative evaluation.

2 DEVELOPMENT All this avaliativo process, follows the pedagogical theory of a school, that through Project pedagogical politician, of the curricular Plan, Plan of course and pertaining to school Regiment, will direct the way to teach of the professors. 2,1 Criteria Following a definition of the Luckesi educator (2005-2006, question N. 6) we have: … criterion is the theoretical focus that organizes education and directs the evaluation of the learning, that is, what we consider as important in education and the learning.


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