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PVC Windows Have Become Popular Because I Can

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Summer season of 2010, famous for its natural disasters, has made drastic adjustments in many spheres of human activity Russians. Not left behind economics and pricing. Very clearly visible projection of the situation in the suburban real estate market. According to the main quotes can say the following. 1 – Prices of real estate. On average data in the suburban cottage settlements cost prefabricated houses fell 20%. Before the fire boom price of a country cottage was about 15 million rubles. 2 – Priorities for buyers: – In this issue has shifted in favor of self-preservation instinct.

Now the priority is to guide availability of fire fighting units and the emergency room, and only then allows himself to the client and on the sides look. While before the fire, the buyer desirous first beauty of the landscape. – The element also changed the views buyers in the window design. Able to get double up prestigious wooden box, named "breathe", and to give primacy sealed construction. Such as pvc windows, for example. 3 – Construction. Risks losing its investment customer base at this stage was forced to freeze construction contractors. Terms of suburban renewal of construction depend on the complete elimination of fire hazard. Carbon Summer this year clearly has been disastrous for real estate companies who have literally and figuratively "at sea waiting for the weather." But manufacturers of pvc windows can rejoice, because their products are shown viability and revealed the advantages of this type of window designs in the fight against the elements. pvc windows, which are perfectly able to oppose, fully consistent with client needs and requirements of today. Discuss pvc windows in the Forum.


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