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Yesterday, despite the low temperatures, in most of the educational units of the city students rehearsed the parade and were the civic Act. In addition to the central Act of the urban park, today the students of promotions will parade in each district organized by the subprefecture. Everything is ready for the parade in the crucenas provinces in provinces, all week the students of educational units come exercising parade in tribute at 185 years of patriotic anniversary. San Ignacio de Velasco and Guarayos school parade will take place today, while the institutional, August 6, in the morning. In each of these populations, the participation of 10 thousand students. In Vallegrande, acts begin with a parade of torches scheduled for 19: 30 today.

Puerto Quijarro calculates the participation of some five thousand students from 14 educational units in the parade scheduled for tomorrow. In Camiri and valleys crucians also parade today. DETAILS Schedule. The concentration for the parade in the urban park will be at 8: 00 in the Argentina Avenue, corner Tte. Cuellar. The main event will begin at 9: 00. Flags. The city’s markets, yesterday observed a significant demand for rosettes, ribbons with patriotic colors and flags of all sizes.

The purchasers were especially schoolchildren and mothers. Until yesterday, the embanderamiento of the houses was very scarce. Country. There were also developed school parades in other departments. ooo000ooo MANDU ARA (to remember) JASYPOAPY: GUARANI NE JASY August: month of language GUARANI tomorrow Friday August 06, 2010 to 11 a.m., at the headquarters of the ATENEO, located in Julia Miranda Cueto 1721 between R.I: 3 pens and Ytororo (Zona Sur, Fernando de la Mora); a meeting will be held with the Kaso nemombe u, under the coordination of the Mg. Pablino Gomez Vera. Then, at 6 p.m., in the parish house of the city of ambush; will take place talk about the value of religion theme Guarani, coordinated by Dr. Lorenza Marecos Morel. Saturday 7 and Sunday, August 8 from the holyday hours, at the headquarters of the ATENEO, will develop the update Conference of Directors and teachers of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI the 25th edition national August, month of the GUARANi, organized by the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI, language is this year on accession to the acts commemorative of the bicentennial of the Republic of the Paraguay; in homage to the popular poets: Carlos Cleto Canete, Roque Jacinto Lovera and maximum Zarza Mendoza; and in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the ATHENAEUM of language and culture GUARANI. The ATENEO is pursuing this venture annually, since 1986.


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