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Psicolingstica Forms

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The Psicolingstica tries meticulously to define such relations in the listeners and falantes, analyzing them. USES AND FUNCTIONS OF the LANGUAGE the language has a great importance in the organization of the behavior of the child and in its development. First its influence is made of is for inside; later, it passes if to project of inside for it are. At the beginning, the control of the behavior is made by the parents, through the language; later, for the proper child. ' ' The behavior of the child, initially controlled for the adults under the form of incitations and verbal recommendations, gradually starts to be controlled for proper it, through the language interiorizada' '. The assembly of the perceptomotoras connections will become with certain slowness, however. Not obstante, to the 14/16 months of age it seems certain that the children have its behavior regulated for the word of the adult. Requested to give an object placed ahead of it, will make it without bigger difficulties.

Such already will not happen from the moment where if it increases the degree of complexity of the situation. In the case of a mental insanity, the forms that first are reached accurately are less organized, more complex and less automatic. In extreme cases the simpler functions and uses would only be affected. Thus, ' ' in the measure where if they install decurrent psicopatolgicas conditions of cerebral injuries in the falante, dissolutions are registered that soon they reach the two superior forms of use of the verbal signs, that is, the forms representative and dialectic, persisting the forms benefited for bigger organization and greater automatism, that is, the affective, playful forms and prticas.' ' The emotiva or expressive function of the language corresponds to the affective use, seen previously, therefore it states the attitude of the citizen in relation to that of that she speaks and she is centered on the emitting citizen.


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