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A reminder of the time of my asymmetrical vertical power communication! My friend Susi recently remembered her late mother: even if I went to the dentist MOM asked me before ‘Child you are also a fresh panties?’ Why, I replied, startled, want to see my…? “I still remember the constant statement eat the plate, then the sun shines tomorrow!” Today, I am overweight. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Mark Hyman or emailing the administrator. Was I alone responsible for the beautiful weather? A great psychological burden for a small child. Note for our young readers: you didn’t eat at that time after the clock (7/8, 12, 16, 19) If you were hungry, and there was nothing between the times. As I remember in my childhood good today on the rhetorical effusions (circa 1950 1970). Instructions and exhortations, instead of encouragement – evidence of educational policy, German (post-war) virtues and ideals, and the weaknesses of adults. In our analytic digital universalist Western world we learn through analog think detailed knowledge by heart.

This quantity also fits on a DVD and out of date quickly. We think skilled not learn! This thinking is done generally creative (horiziontal, vertical, lateral). Learn only the leadership elite in the qualified schools. Therefore, the proletarian mass for the elite will remain inferior and always recognizable. Speech, so I can see you.” (Socrates 469 BC – 399 BC). Learning happens analytic or synthetic, generally we communicate mostly either in short sentences and individual words (online and offline). Or we have learned to represent our opinion in extended versions and to explain in detail. “Susi recalled a further marker warning of her mother in advanced age: take care of yourself on child, men always only want one!” “” It took long to you on your question what for? “got the answer: you append a child!” Some memories may be so much fun. Let’s not forget that from this parental Programs were leit motifs in our brain, that a life long effect in us! And these programs impede the personal self development from almost all the people.


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