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Then – hold a general meeting and take it to the participation in the program and participation financing overhaul – in the amount of the most 5% of the estimated cost of works and materials. It should be noted that you can make money immediately, but in equal installments over 12 months. In practice, it turns out an average of 500 rubles per month apartment. Keep in mind that the above decisions of the general meeting must be taken not by a simple majority, rather than less than two-thirds. The next step is to determine your needs to be repaired, ie, punch list and make a preliminary estimate, which also have to approve the general meeting tenants. The first paper describes the condition of the house and its separate structures, the second is a list of needed repairs, materials and equipment, as well as their cost. Make these papers can be independently, with the assistance of staff of the Professional Code, and any organization or project engineering company. It makes sense to also apply to the housing inspection requested a technical examination of the building or order it from independent experts. The survey results will be an additional argument in favor of allocating funds for the repair, if necessary, will serve to prove the validity of claims of owners when resolving disputes. Finally, we must submit to the local administration request for the inclusion of home address program, attaching thereto the defective statement, a preliminary estimate and the results of the examination (if took place).


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