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Thus, it is important to know what the vision of the world that it will depend on that we are able to guide our goals and educational efforts. In short, the human being is more than technological processes: thus, education is a process capable of awakening consciousness. In this context, it is important that we realise we need an ecological education to be able to aspire to a sustainable, unique, society that can guarantee our survival in the long term quality of life. Unfortunately, schools currently not educated to preserve the environment, but, paradoxically, to hunt it; It realizes that the educational processes that use these schools already are inadequate to educate with the need for a sustainable society. A diagnosis made by the Presidency of the Republic points out that an alarming aspect of education in Mexico is low efficiency academic, while other are the educational content for the practical life in the culture of the students. So, being that education should assume as a rewarding experience, in the everyday reality becomes a routine without real meaning. For issues like this, there is no doubt that students will continue preying why not have transformed, not feel or recognize its link with nature, they don’t feel love or respect by this or by animals. We must bear in mind that sustainability is one of the seven ecological principles that organize the life of the ecosystems, natural or social; Thus, it is imperative to achieve a sustainable society us justify the convenience of having an educated community, since a society with culture is heading to become an ecological community, which educates for public accountability and promote new consumption habits. It is important that we take conscience in the sense that sustainability is a way of life based on the principle that there is enough for all if we all accept living with enough.


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